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Our dream is to create games that can act as a parenting coach at home, to help every parent raise their children and help each kid grow into a confident, resilient and empathetic human being through playing.


I am Sherine Haykal

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On El Nahar TV with Es2al Ma3a Doaa

Sherine was invited to be a guest on E2al ma3a Doaa with the TV host Doaa Farouq to talk about Anamel product which was recently featured on the very successful TV show Ela Ana. Also to Speak about her career shift from being a Physician to an entrepreneur who follows her passion to create games that help parents raise a confident, resilient and empathic child.

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Our Newest Creation
"If I Were You" cards
A game that will help Kids understand how to behave in different situations. The cards will help start a conversation with the child where you can discuss his opinion in the situation and whether it happened to him before or not.
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New Arrival
LE 325.00 EGP
A complete set of cards
How do you feel?
34 cards designed to teach your child about his different feelings and how to deal with them.
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Best Seller
LE 320.00 EGP


How do you feel cards are wonderful and very beneficial for the kids. Excellent quality. Beautiful illustrations.

Best part is: it's revised by a parenting expert. Perfect!

Samar Younis El Wakeel

الكروت (حاسس بايه) بجد الخامه والرسومات والطريقة البسيطه ومفهومه الأولاد رائعه وسرعه الرد وشحن جايه فى توقيت المحدد بجد تحفه

Sahar M. El-sadek

ابني عمره ١٢ سنة كنت فاكره انه ممكن يرفض يستخدم الكروت بس بالعكس ساعدة كتير في التعبير عّن المشاعره الملخبطة ومناقشتها ❤️

Marwa Saleh

بجد تحفة

انا وولادي بنحب نلعب بيها جدا

Sara Saif

شكرا علي المنتج الرائع في جودته وفكره والمعني اللي بيوصله بجد ابني في قاعدة واحدة قدر يستوعب الفرق بين غضبان وقلقان وخايف ومرعوب ومتوتر وازاي ممكن يتصرف مع كل شعور منهم بطريقة تقدر تهديه

بجد انا بشكر انامل علي تسليط الضوء علي اهمية معرفة المشاعر وزيادة الحصيلة اللغوية لانواع المشاعر

شكرا من قلبي علي الفكر والمنتج وخامته وسرعة التوصيل وسهولة الطلب

Mai Abdel-Ghani

Why raise a confident, resilient and empathetic child?

Why raise a confident, resilient and empathetic child? In order for any human to be successful in life, he/she needs to be confident and resilient, to be able to endure the failure stage that we all pass through in our lives. They also need to be happy and happiness will only exist alongside empathy and giving. That is why we want to raise confident, resilient and empathetic kids.