My Story

My story


I am Sherine Haykal

A doctor and a mother of a boy & a girl.

I am also a Positive Discipline Parent Educator

The first thing I did when Allah gave me my son Youssef in 2013 is that I took a vacation from my job and devoted all my time and attention to him. I started to read, research and attend positive parenting courses because I wanted to raise him as correctly as possible. It was not easy, specially that, like most of us, I have my personal problems that can ruin what I am doing like anger to name one.

After a lot of reading and attending different courses I learned the information, but I found that I forgot them and got them mixed up as soon as I went back home.

So, after thinking of a solution to my problem, I made a decision to help both myself and my son by making parenting games, so my son can play and enjoy his time while, at the same time, it will always remind me of the right thing to do.

That’s when I came up with the idea of helping other moms as I helped myself, especially that I can feel what they feel and know exactly what they’re going through.

I started with “How do you feel” cards which I am blessed to say that moms really liked, it was the first step in my journey and dream.

My dream is to create games that can act as a parenting coach at home, to help every parent raise their children and help each kid grow into a confident, resilient and empathetic human being through playing.