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Our game is about a simple but highly important moral.

Our game is fundamentally about acceptance and tolerance.

We will teach our kids the meaning of regarding people around us as Hassan, Omar, Salma and Youssef, not as black, white, tall or short.
Nor the sick one, the poor boy, the girl with long ears or the boy who has Vitiligo!
We are all human with names and dreams.
We thought of a way to help our kids understand this concept.
The memory game but instead of drawings, cartoon characters or objects, the game contains pictures of real people that are like us, our children and our friends no matter if they look like us or have different features.
And every picture has a story of the child’s life.
We will play the game and discover the story behind each picture.
Kids will then understand that we all have the same stories and lives, that we are all humans.

The memory game consists of a box 21 x 21 cm that contains 50, 6x6 cm thick cards with round corners, and 2 booklets (English and Arabic) with 25 stories of the children in the cards.

Age: 3-15


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